A Look at Billboard’s Hot 100 Song Lyrics from 1970–2020 featuring NLP, Random Forests, and Naive Bayes

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10 years ago, Rebecca Black released a song titled, “Friday”.
The song became an overnight sensation with over 166 million views, and everybody, everywhere singing…

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… even if it was a Monday.

I‘ll clue you into my sentiment on the song with another subset of its lyrics:

Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes after wards
I don’t want this weekend to end


It may go without saying that the song’s popularity got me sunk. With the rise of YouTube and its access to instant fame, I thought mediocre music with mediocre lyrics was here to stay…

Hands-on Tutorials

Building a Logistic Regression Model to Predict Which Colleges Expect an Early Career Salary of $60,000 or More

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Like most Asian immigrants, my parents emphasized the importance of school, with college graduation as the gateway to the American dream. Because of that, I never questioned whether I should go to college or not. It was more a matter of which one.

Back when I was deciding, I did not do a cost-benefit analysis as I’d done with the model I’ll talk about later, though maybe I should have. Instead, I thought more about two things:

1. Which college felt like Hogwarts, and more importantly,
2. …


A Data Science Project on the Top Grossing Actors of 2010–2020

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In previous years, film studios received criticism regarding the lack of diversity in their cast. Movements like #OscarsSoWhite in 2015 and #whitewashedOUT in 2016 demanded more representation in Hollywood.

So when assigned a project to offer business recommendations to Microsoft if the company were to enter the film industry, diversity and inclusion emerged at the forefront of my analysis. I looked into the racial makeup of the top-grossing actors to test whether the Box Office responded to those demands, asking “How has the demographic of top-grossing actors changed since 2010?


For this project, I gathered data on the top-grossing actors…

How and Why I Transitioned from Teaching Elementary School to Data Science

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Be What You Want to Be

When I first started browsing career choices, I almost immediately turned away from data science because of the requirements listed in the job postings:

  • Coding Experience in Python, SQL and/or R
  • Masters or a PhD in computer science, engineering, math, or statistics
  • 5+ years of experience as a Data Scientist

At the time, my coding skills were super limited, my Masters degree had nothing to do with data science, and my career experience revolved around fighting inequities for Black and Brown children as an elementary school teacher. Already buried in student loan debt, getting another Masters degree did not seem…

Christian Moya

Experienced educator, aspiring data scientist.

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